Motherhood in ADHD

Patricia Sung
Mother. Friend. ADHD Success Story.

Let’s write your ADHD success story together.




my mission

My mission is to be a lighthouse for mothers with ADHD, helping you find your path to success by learning to appreciate your ADHD as an integral piece of what makes you you, instead of focusing on the albatross. I collect and create resources for ADHD women to build life skills, calm the chaos, focus on what’s important, and engage in healthy community and friendship. I am seeking to change the paradigm that ADHD means your life is doomed to be a hot mess, and to encourage you in the pursuit of happiness and success, to love who you are every day of your ADHD life.


about Patricia

I grew up shy and unassuming, in a small midwestern town, with nearly straight A’s and glowing recommendations.  Once I was on my own, I received my ADHD diagnosis at the age of 18, when I nearly failed out of my freshman year of college. Abruptly, there were no longer the clear instructions of childhood, detailed at every step, on how not to fail in life. In the two decades since, I have powered (and floundered) through, finding ways to make my life more livable. At the beginning, much of it was to hide the embarrassment of my diagnosis and pretend that everything was picture perfect. Fast forward a few years, and teaching middle school gave me innumerable opportunities to coach my students and create success-driven strategies for my “kids.” Once I married and birthed two tiny humans, I realized that I was leveling-up in more ways than anticipated. While I have “retired” from teaching since my oldest was born, I still manage rental properties, volunteer, and consult for small business owners, all while putting something delicious on the dinner table and folding most of the laundry within 24 hours. Once again I had to restructure my life to stay on top of the exponentially growing workload while praying for my wavering sanity. Finding ways to survive motherhood with a brain that is wired differently was, and is, a challenge. I’ve shed the goal of Pinterest supermom, and hammered out the priorities that work for our family. While I’m still learning every day, constantly seeking knowledge to create calm and purpose in my and my family’s lives, I would like to think that I’ve achieved some semblance of organization and structure that allow me to be a little less stressed than yesterday. I have moved from survival mode to enjoyment mode on most days most of the time. And a better today is always a win. Baby steps! :)